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Title New CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: cost-benefit assessment of mitigation options in rice production in Viet Nam

The Climate Technology Centre is seeking proposals for implementation of technical assistance in Viet Nam:

Cost-benefit Assessment of Mitigation Options in Rice Production: Data compilation, tools and training within the Vietnamese context Deadline is the 25th of April, 17:00 Vienna time.

Rice is a staple crop of Viet Nam with an annual paddy production of 45.10 million metric tons and milled rice production of 29.5 million metric tons in 2015. More than half of the country’s population (64.8%) still lives in rural areas, and more than a third (39.57%) relies on agriculture for employment (ILO, 2018). Rice cultivation is one of the major sources of global GHG emissions from the agriculture sector. There is a lack of data and usable tools for assessing the costs and possible benefits in terms of emission reduction vis-à-vis the potential socio-economic impacts.

The technical assistance is requested to enable a wide range of stakeholders — from farming communities to policy makers — to assess costs/ benefits of mitigation options as a mean to prioritize suitable technologies for adoption and define investment portfolios and policies for Viet Nam rice production. The assistance would lead to the development of interactive and dynamic tools to calculate cost and benefits of mitigation actions in rice sector and to identify suitable rice production areas for select climate change mitigation options.

The proposed CTCN Assistance would help Viet Nam in undertaking the following activities:

  • Development of tool to conduct cost-benefit assessments for various mitigation options for rice production;
  • Design and development of GIS maps and analysis tool that allows for the assessment of the suitability of climate change mitigation options on select rice production areas in Viet Nam;
  • Development of communication and training materials;
  • The conduct of trainings, dialogue and learning exchange.

The completed offer must be submitted via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) e-Procurement portal Please refer to documents below for complete terms of reference and bidding information.

Please note: In the event that your institution is not yet a CTCN network member,  you may bid for implementation of the technical assistance, subject to the condition that you submit your completed application for CTC Network membership before the bid closure and your application is acknowledged by the CTCN. Furthermore, the contract award – should your bid be selected – is conditional to your network membership application having been successfully approved by the Director of CTCN. Should the bidder decide to partner with another institution to deliver the services described in these Terms of Reference, it is expected that the partner institution also joins the CTC Network.

StartDate 2019-04-02
EndDate 2019-04-25
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Sources Climate Technology Centre & Network
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