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Title [4/8~4/12] NAP Expo

NAP Expo 2019



The NAP Expo is an annual outreach event organized by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) under the UNFCCC, in collaboration with various bodies and organizations, to promote exchange of experiences and foster partnerships between a wide range of actors and stakeholders on how to advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

The NAP Expo is conducted as part of the Korea Global Adaptation Week 2019, which comprises the Resilience Frontiers organized by the secretariat, the Adaptation Forum organized by the Adaptation Committee, and a regional Technical Expert Meeting on Adaptation organized by the Green Climate Fund secretariat.

This is the sixth global NAP Expo since 2013. It will bring together a diversity of participants from Parties and Non-Party Stakeholders.




The overall objective of the NAP Expo is to raise adaptation ambition by advancing the formulation and implementation of NAPs. Specific objectives include:

a. To facilitate the interaction between country NAP teams and providers of support, including the GCF, GEF and AF, as well as bilateral agencies and other relevant organizations, to enhance access to financing for NAPs;

b. To create an interactive global forum on NAPs for countries to share experience, best practices and lessons learned; different organizations and bodies to conduct specialized meetings and workshops; and for Parties and non-Party stakeholders to interact, in advancing the formulation and implementation of NAPs;

c. To serve as the global platform to advance technical and practical measures towards the production of first NAPs by 2020 and their effective implementation.

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