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Title [GCF] GCF handbook: Decisions, policies and frameworks (updated May 2020)
The purpose of the “GCF Handbook” is to make it easier for users to more easily navigate the GCF’s decisions and policies. To facilitate this, each primary Board decision and related policy framework has been given a descriptive title, and placed within one of ten issue oriented chapters. There, the decisions and related frameworks have been further divided by sub-issue with the most recent action on any topic listed first. The decisions and related frameworks that are particularly policy rich have been noted in the table of contents with an asterisk. The Handbook also includes an index of the decisions listed by the Board meeting in which they were taken. Full texts and background papers related to the decisions adopted by the Board are accessible on the GCF website under its Board section. Finally, the Handbook includes an introduction and chapter overview, a list of commonly used acronyms and a recitation of the Governing Instrument of the Green Climate Fund.

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